Ansa Course Overview


Dynamic CAD CAM CAE offers structural analysis on Ansa pre-processor.  This Ansa training in Chennai covers both online and offline mode. This syllabus is designed to meet up the industrial requirements as on date. Online Ansa training is quite common nowadays where students take their training online effectively through zoom and google meet. Ansa training in Chennai allows the students to directly walk in to our centre and takes up the training face to face. The above two Ansa training course is designed to get their Ansa course certification after successful completion. The following are the topics which will be part of the Ansa course.

This type of course is designed for beginners who are new to ANSA software. It covers the basics of the software’s user interface, tools, and functionalities. Participants might learn how to import CAD models, create meshes, set up simulation parameters, and perform basic pre-processing tasks.

For users who already have some familiarity with ANSA, this course delves deeper into advanced techniques. Topics may include more complex geometry manipulation, meshing strategies for different types of simulations, automating tasks using scripting, and optimizing workflows.

Some training courses are tailored to specific industries such as automotive, aerospace, or energy. These courses focus on demonstrating how ANSA can be used effectively for the particular challenges and requirements of that industry.

ANSA can also be used for design optimization and topology optimization. Courses in this area might cover techniques for creating optimized designs, reducing material usage while maintaining structural integrity, and improving overall product performance.

ANSA is known for its automation capabilities. Courses on this topic could teach participants how to set up batch processes, create reusable scripts, and automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency

ANSA allows users to write scripts and customize the software’s behaviour. Training in this area might cover scripting languages (e.g., Python), how to create custom tools, and how to integrate ANSA with other software tools.

Some ANSA training might include hands-on workshops or case studies. Participants work on real-world examples to apply what they’ve learned and gain practical experience.

Ansa Syllabus

  • Introduction to FEA
  • Geometric Tools and Topology Clean-up
  • Types of CAE Process Tools for Structural CAE
  • Types of Elements
  • Different Tools used in TOPO Deck
  • Manual mid surfacing for sheet metal components
  • 2D meshing on sheet metal components
  • Quality check-up and taking measures to achieve quality
  • Introduction to different tools used in mesh deck
  • Revising the basic commands
  • Basic commands used in TOPO and MESH deck
  • Practice model provided
  • Manual mid-surfacing for plastic trim components & cast parts
  • 2D meshing, quality check-up
  • Different tools used in mesh deck
  • Solid (Tetra) meshing
  • 3D meshing quality criteria
  • Volume mesh deck
  • Solid (Hexa) meshing
  • Volume mesh deck
  • Two Nodes RBE2
  • Cluster RBE2
  • Nut and Bolt representation
  • Seam weld data representation
  • Different operations such as:
  • Converting and realizing operations
  • Connection manager operations
  • Assigning mass to a node
  • Introduction to casting & batch meshing operations
  • Auto mid-surfacing and meshing by using casting and skin methods
  • Direct morphing
  • Box morphing
  • Hatches
  • Morphing in FE model
  • Morphing in CAD geometry