Revit Structure Course Overview


Revit Structure is a powerful platform or software in structural engineering, provides great exploration for cutting-edge tools and for creating design alternatives, building simulations, and publishing. . By joining Dynamic Cad classroom training for Revit Structure, students get an opportunity to learn from our expert trainers; who gives a great emphasis on delivering best quality training to each of its learners.

Revit structure Training includes BIM software for structural engineering which enhances structural design coordination, minimizes errors. Also, it helps in increasing overall efficiency, profitability, and ease the outcomes of high quality. Dynamic Cad delivers the best CAD, CAM, and CAE software training in India. While doing the software training, students get an option to do Internship and develop their skills by working on projects. Also, they can go on various industrial visits with their trainers to gain practical knowledge of their software, which eventually helps them in building their career.

While learning from Dynamic Cad coaching classes, it also provides 100% Placement assistance to all of its students. During the classes, students get many other facilities including study materials, e-books, various tutorials & projects related to Revit Structure; which works as an additional benefit to them. Further, students get a provision to transfer to any of our franchise centers in India; even if they have enrolled in Dynamic Cad Jaipur or at any other Dynamic Cad center. At the end of course completion, Dynamic Cad students get a certificate that is completely verified and provides great recognition to the students in the industry.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Revit Structure
  • Project Templates
  • Exploring the User Interface
  • Starting a Project
  • Linking Architecture
  • Creating Levels
  • Creating View Templates
  • Adding and Placing Steel Columns
  • Creating foundations
  • Designing Retaining Walls
  • Adding Beam Systems
  • Tagging Steel Framing
  • Creating a Slab Floor
  • Cantilevering Slab Edges
  • Adding Brace Frames
  • Adding and Attaching Trusses
  • Creating Stairs and Ramps
  • Insert Decal
  • Insert CAD file
  • Load Family

How will you get your certificate?


Dynamic Cad is a pioneer in CAD/CAM/CAE training and most of the industries give great recognition to its certificate throughout India and abroad. Dynamic Cad Certificates are ISO verified which makes it highly reputed comparing to the other local brands and helps the student get prioritize while going for job opportunities in the industry. Dynamic Cad Software Training is conducted by highly knowledgeable trainers which help students to enhance their skill set by putting great emphasizes on project-based learning.

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How Our instructors are certified


Dynamic Cad has a team of highly skilled trainers, who focus on delivering well standard and quality training to each of its learners. Each Dynamic Cad trainer has professional degrees and has more than 5 years+ of experience in the stream of CAD, CAM, and CAE. Along with that, they are certified from prestigious institutes and have esteem knowledge of their courses which helps the learners to enhance their skills and meet the industry requirements. Our courses are not just based on theoretical concepts; in fact, it puts a great emphasis on industry-driven learning which is being regularly updated

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Revit structure (70Hrs) 35Days

  • Introduction
  • Overview`
  • Project Templates
  • Tool Palettes
  • Default Project Template
  • Exploring the User Interface
  • Starting a Project
  • Project Units
  • Dimensions
  • Levels
  • Modifying level & editing
  • Create Grids, Editing grid


  • Wall Properties
  • Wall Shapes & Draw panel
  • Profile edit
  • Wall Joins
  • Working with Grids
  • Drawing a plan

4 Modify Commands

  • Move, Copy, Paste
  • Create Similar, Rotate, Mirror
  • Array, Scale, Scale, Trim / Extend
  • Offset, Align, Split, Split Face


  • Introduced to concrete & steel column
  • Modeling steel column
  • Modeling concrete column
  • Placing column at grids
  • Rotate after placement


  • Introduction of foundation
  • Introduction Isolated footing
  • Introduced to & Wall foundation
  • Placing footing at grid


  • Introduced to concrete & steel beams
  • Concrete arc beam
  • Draw beam using chain option
  • Draw beams using grids

Annotation command

  • Dimensions
  • Text
  • Model Text
  • Model line


  • Introduction to floor
  • Introduction to type of floors
  • Inserting different type of layers in floor
  • Type properties of floor
  • Edit floor property
  • Create duplicate floor


  • Introduced to slab
  • Draw a slab using boundary line
  • Type properties of slab
  • Edit slab property
  • Create duplicate slab


  • Vertical Opening
  • Shaft opening
  • Multiple floor
  • Shaft opening
  • Wall opening
  • Opening By Face


  • Loading Component
  • Placing Components
  • Modifying Properties
  • Visibility Graphics


  • Introduced to reinforcement
  • Reinforcement in column & beam
  • Wall reinforcement
  • Stirrup reinforcement
  • Introduction to cover & editing cover

Column Rebar Detailing

  • Column Rebar
  • Column Covering
  • Beam Rebar
  • Beam covering


  • Introduce to steel frame structure
  • How to create truss
  • Introduce to Brace
  • Create Bracing in truss
  • Introduced to Beam System

Insert Tab

  • Decal
  • Create Decal and Setup Decal
  • Insert CAD File
  • Load Family


  • Beam schedule
  • Column Schedule

Material Takeoff

  • Wall material takeoff


  • Callout views
  • Duplicate View
  • Creating Details
  • Repeating Detail
  • Drafting Views


  • Exercise related above tools
  • Field Region
  • Revision Cloud


  • Adding a Sheet
  • Adding Views to a Sheet
  • Modifying a View on a Sheet
  • Creating a Title Sheet
  • Printing Setup

Visibility & Graphics

  • Rendering
  • Camera
  • Walkthrough
  • Export Image and walkthrough
  • Fabric Reinforcement
  • Match Line
  • Scope Box
  • Drafting Spot Dimension


  • Create Legend
  • Use Detail Line
  • Line Styles and Line Weights
  • Line Patterns
  • Groups

In-Place Families

  • Setting Work Planes
  • Creating and Modifying
  • In-Place Families

Family Creation

  • Introduction Architecture Template
  • Creating Column & Beam

Short Reminder of All commands& doubts and discussion