Everything 3D – Piping Course Overview


The point of this piping course is to give the members an outline of the area of Piping Innovation with an accentuation on power and cycle piping. The studio covers designing plan, itemizing, drafting, prerequisites of ASME B31.1 and 3. It covers Code necessities from configuration through fire up of new piping frameworks, as well as principles for examination and fix of piping frameworks that have been in help, Piping plan Code.This studio gives an underpinning of information important for those liable for guaranteeing the mechanical respectability of existing piping frameworks, as well as those answerable for planning and developing new piping frameworks.

The studio will survey the essential prerequisites of the ASME B31 Code for Strain Piping with accentuation on Power and Interaction Piping. General points in the studio incorporate Code association and purpose, pressure configuration, plan for supported loads including support plan, adaptability examination, gear loads, ribs, development joints, supports and limitations, materials, manufacture, assessment, testing, and for existing piping frameworks, mechanical honesty. Utilizations of these ideas, including straightforward hand investigation strategies and PC based examination techniques, will be illustrated. Included will be correlations between ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.1, Power Piping. Every meeting will be led in a talk/conversation/critical thinking design intended to give concentrated guidance and direction on figuring out Code necessities. The educators will be accessible following every day’s meeting to furnish members with additional chance for conversation and thought of explicit issues.

Everything 3D – Piping

  • Introduction to E3D, Opening E3D, User Interface
  • About Site, Creating Site, About Zone, Creating Zone, About Discipline, Changing the Discipline
  • Grid: About Grid, Purpose of Grid, Creating Rectangular Grid, Creating Cylindrical Grid, Creating Rectangular
    Tower Grid, Creating Triangular Grid
  • Structure: About Sections, Setting Defaults, Creating Straight Structure, Creating Curved Structure, Creating Arc
    Structure, Creating Ring Structure, Creating Fitting
  • Structure: Modify – Joint, Fitting, Extend, Mitre, Fillet, Split, Splice, Merge, Gaps; Delete, Connections
  • Structure: About Plates and Panels, Creating Panels, Creating Arc Panels, Creating Ring Panels, Creating Disc
    Panels, Purpose of Negative Panel, Creating Negative Panel, Creating Fittings
  • Structure: Modify – Fitting, Split, Merge, Offset, Panel Origin, Drawing Edges
  • Structure: About Walls and Floors, Creating Straight Walls,
  • Structure: Floors, Fittings
  • Modify – Wall, Floor, Fitting, Split, Splice, Merge, Mitre Ends, Wall Ends, Split Floor, Screed Slope, Connect
    Walls, Disconnect Wall, Tidy
  • Structure: About Stairs, Ladders and Handrails, Creating Stair Flight, Creating Handrail, Creating Rung Ladder
  • Structure: Modify – Stair Flight, Handrail, Rung Ladder; Split Handrail, Merge Handrails, Split Rails,
  • Equipment: About equipment, Create User Defined Shapes, Creation of Standard Equipment, Creating of Non
    Standard Equipment
  • Equipment: Modify Standard Equipment, Replace Standard Equipment, Creation of Design Equipment, Primitives,
    Cutout Primitives, Origin of Equipment, Position of Equipment, Nozzle Placing, Orientate Nozzles,
  • Piping: About piping, Routing a Pipe, Creation of Pipe Components, Difference between distance / spool option,
    reverse the flow direction, pipe creation by specifying explicit position
  • Supports: About supports, Creating Preliminary, Creating Ancillary, Creating Framework, Creating Trunnion,
    Creating Hanger, Modify Support,
  • Isodraft: About Isodraft,
  • Draw: About Draw, Creating department / registry, graphical representation, different types of view creation,
  • Reports: Run Report

Each session duration


1 hour. The syllabus and duration is tentative only. Duration is depends on completion of daily
schedule. Syllabus is also vary time to time.