Everything 3D – Electrical Course Overview


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Everything 3D – Electrical

  • Introduction to E3D, Opening E3D, User Interface
  • About Site, Creating Site, About Zone, Creating Zone, About Discipline, Changing the Discipline
  • Grid: About Grid, Purpose of Grid, Creating Rectangular Grid, Creating Cylindrical Grid, Creating Rectangular
    Tower Grid, Creating Triangular Grid
  • Structure: About Sections, Setting Defaults, Creating Straight Structure, Creating Curved Structure, Creating Arc
    Structure, Creating Ring Structure, Creating Fitting
  • Structure: Modify – Joint, Fitting, Extend, Mitre, Fillet, Split, Splice, Merge, Gaps; Delete, Connections
  • Structure: About Plates and Panels, Creating Panels, Creating Arc Panels, Creating Ring Panels, Creating Disc
    Panels, Purpose of Negative Panel, Creating Negative Panel, Creating Fittings
  • Structure: Modify – Fitting, Split, Merge, Offset, Panel Origin, Drawing Edges
  • Structure: About Walls and Floors, Creating Straight Walls,
  • Structure: Floors, Fittings
  • Modify – Wall, Floor, Fitting, Split, Splice, Merge, Mitre Ends, Wall Ends, Split Floor, Screed Slope, Connect
    Walls, Disconnect Wall, Tidy
  • Structure: About Stairs, Ladders and Handrails, Creating Stair Flight, Creating Handrail, Creating Rung Ladder
  • Structure: Modify – Stair Flight, Handrail, Rung Ladder; Split Handrail, Merge Handrails, Split Rails,
  • Equipment: About equipment, Create User Defined Shapes, Creation of Standard Equipment, Creating of Non
    Standard Equipment
  • Equipment: Modify Standard Equipment, Replace Standard Equipment, Creation of Design Equipment, Primitives,
    Cutout Primitives, Origin of Equipment, Position of Equipment, Nozzle Placing, Orientate Nozzles,
  • Cable Tray: About Cable Tray, Creating Cable Tray, Creating Components, Forward and Backward, Connection,
    Fill with Straights, Remove Straights, Swap Branch
  • Cable Way: About Cableway, Creating cableway, creating branch, routing the cableway, adding cable; Modify –
    Cableway, branch route, cable.
  • Supports: About supports, Creating Preliminary, Creating Ancillary, Creating Framework, Creating Trunnion,
    Creating Hanger, Modify Support,
  • Draw: About Draw, Creating department / registry, graphical representation, different types of view creation,
  • Reports: Run Report

Each session duration


1 hour. The syllabus and duration is tentative only. Duration is depends on completion of daily
schedule. Syllabus is also vary time to time.