Wiring Harness Course Overview


Electrical Wiring harness course: wiring harness course will be available using catia software and it is most prominent as catia wiring harness course.

Catia wiring harness design course will be available as online wiring harness training and offline training. In both offline and online catia wiring harness certification will be provided.

Regarding this course we have included many advanced topics as a part of training which is as per industrial standard. a few insights of catia wiring harness course is as follows

  • Overview of wiring harnesses and their importance in various industries.
  • Understanding the role of CATIA in designing wiring harnesses.
  • Navigating the CATIA interface.
  • Creating and managing projects
  • Understanding the design workflow, from conceptualization to manufacturing
  • Designing wires, cables, connectors, terminals, splices, and other components.
  • Modifying and editing component properties.
  • Routing wires and cables along paths.
  • Placing connectors and other components.
  • Defining the structure and hierarchy of the wiring harness.
  • Establishing connectivity between components.
  • Integrating electrical schematic information into the wiring harness design.
  • Managing electrical connections and signals.
  • Designing for electromagnetic compatibility to minimize interference.
  • Simulating and validating the design for performance, stress, and thermal considerations.
  • Generating manufacturing drawings, BOMs, and other documentation.
  • Collaborating with other team members in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Managing design data and revisions.
  • Tips for efficient and accurate wiring harness design.
  • Hands-on exercises and projects to apply the concepts learned.
  • Complex harness design scenarios.
  • Integration with other CATIA modules for complete product design.

Wiring Harness Syllabus

  • Introduction to Vehicle Electrical Distribution System (EDS)
  • Introduction to wiring harness assembly
  • Wiring harness design process for New Product Development (NPD)
  • Introduction to CATIA V5 electrical workbench
  • Customized settings for electrical environment
  • Wiring harness routing process for CATIA V5
  • CATIA V5 – electrical part design
  • Clip/clamps/support part definition
  • Backshell definition
  • Protective covering definition
  • Preparation of harness assembly
  • Creating the wire harness geometrical bundle
  • Inserting harness components into a geometrical bundle
  • Positioning your inserted electrical parts
  • Connecting & Disconnecting electrical components
  • Defining the wiring harness routing
  • Wiring harness routing on external references
  • Modifying the wire harness bundle segments
  • Wire harness protective coverings
  • Use of electrical splices
  • Bundle continuity check/analysis
  • Geometrical bundle warnings
  • 3D annotation
  • Modifying the wire harness bundle segments
  • Modifying the branch point location
  • Deleting bundle segment
  • Bundle continuity check/analysis
  • Geometrical bundle warnings
  • 3D annotations
  • Important commands, tips, & techniques
  • Wiring harness flattening workbench
  • Flattening workbench settings
  • Flattening the 3D harness assembly
  • Modify flatten assembly
  • Saving the flatten files
  • Drawing, creation & contents
  • Wiring harness component specifications & selection parameters
  • Available suppliers in the market (India)
  • Definitions
  • Routing & packaging process
  • Design criteria (generic) for wiring harness
  • Packaging rules & best practices
  • Guidelines for battery cables routing
  • Clearance management
  • Water ingress protection
  • Thermal protection management
  • Chaffing protection
  • Vibration protection
  • Routing on/near dynamic parts ( engine, wheel)
  • Harness bending rules (harness & battery cables)
  • Interconnection connector parking

Explore New Career Prospects with the Automotive Wiring Harness using CATIA V5 Course in Chennai


This course by Dynamic Cad focuses on the discipline of harness assembly. It’s a 12- week online course that includes assiduity systems.

The Automotive Wiring Harness using CATIA V5 Course in Chennai


The wiring harness course teaches you the fundamentals of vehicle electrical distribution systems and wiring harness assembly. You’ll be introduced to some of the important processes of wiring harnesses which include designing, installation, routing and packaging.

With Dynamic CAD CAM CAE, you’ll be suitable to design wiring harnesses using CATIA V5. The course further focuses on generalities like wiring harness routing on external references, pack durability check/ analysis, use of electrical splices, geometrical pack warnings,etc.

This automotive wiring harness design course includes two assiduity systems. The practical work experience gained through them helps you face real- world challenges like performing colorful tasks of wiring harnesses, creating 2D delineations of machine models,etc.