PCL Course Overview


Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are one of the most useful technologies in the industries for automation. They are industrial computer systems that are used to control the electro-mechanical processes in various industries like manufacturing, plants, etc. Dynamic Cad provides classroom training for PLC, through which students get an opportunity to learn from our expert trainers; who give a great emphasis on delivering the best quality training to each of its learners.

PLCs are available in varied sizes and forms. PLC provides the ability to reprogram the process at very little cost. Programmable logic controllers are flexible and depending on the input and output, it records the data, such as machine productivity or operating temperature. Dynamic Cad provides the best quality training to its students in the field of CAD, CAM & CAE. Moreover, while taking the coaching classes, students are encouraged to do Internship and also gets an opportunity to go for industrial visits as well.

Dynamic Cad gives Placement assistance to their students through which students get an opportunity to work in various companies in India. While doing CAD coaching classes, students get many other facilities including books, e-books, tutorials, and projects along with their student panel. CAD DESK students also get an additional benefit of a transfer facility through which they can move to any of our CAD franchise centers in India; even if they are enrolled at Dynamic Cad Jaipur or at any other center. After finishing the software training, Dynamic Cad students get a PLC certificate of course completion that provides industry recognition to the students, which will enhance their career path.

Course Contents

  • Application of Industrial automation
  • History of Industrial automation
  • The need of automation in Industries.
  • Introduction to programmable logic controller
  • Block diagram of programmable logic controller
  • Compact
  • Modular
  • Rack type
  • Power supply unit
  • CPU-Central Processing unit
  • IM-Interface module
  • Signal module
  • Function module
  • Communication Processor
  • Bus system
  • Rack/Rail
  • Wiring Different field Devices to PLC
  • Addressing for PLC
  • Wiring Different field Devices to PLC
  • Addressing for PLC
  • Set and reset Instruction
  • SR and RS Instruction
  • Positive edge and Negative edge etc
  • Purpose and type of timers
  • Description of each timer
  • Programming on each timer
  • Programming on Timers with examples
  • Purpose
  • Types of counter
  • Description of each counter
  • Programming on counters with examples

How will you get your certificate?


Dynamic Cad is a pioneer in CAD/CAM/CAE training and most of the industries give great recognition to its certificate throughout India and abroad. Dynamic Cad Certificates are ISO verified which makes it highly reputed comparing to the other local brands and helps the student get prioritize while going for job opportunities in the industry. Dynamic Cad Software Training is conducted by highly knowledgeable trainers which help students to enhance their skill set by putting great emphasizes on project-based learning.

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How Our instructors are certified


Dynamic Cad has a team of highly skilled trainers, who focus on delivering well standard and quality training to each of its learners. Each Dynamic Cad trainer has professional degrees and has more than 5 years+ of experience in the stream of CAD, CAM, and CAE. Along with that, they are certified from prestigious institutes and have esteem knowledge of their courses which helps the learners to enhance their skills and meet the industry requirements. Our courses are not just based on theoretical concepts; in fact, it puts a great emphasis on industry-driven learning which is being regularly updated

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PLC (60Hrs) 30Days



  • Introduction about PLC
  • Uses
  • Benefit
  • Future
  • Summary


  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Basic Components and their Symbols
  • Fundamentals of ladder diagrams
  • Machine control terminology
  • Summary


  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • A brief history
  • PLC configurations
  • System block diagram
  • Update and solve the ladder
  • Update and solve the ladder
  • Solve the ladder
  • Summary


  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Physical components vs. Program components
  • Example – Problem
  • Disagreement circuit
  • Majority circuit
  • Oscillator
  • Holding contacts
  • Always-ON and Always-OFF contacts
  • Ladder diagrams having more than one rung
  • Summary


  • Objectives
  • Introduction about Relay logic
  • I/O Simulation
  • Door simulation
  • Silo simulation
  • Traffic simulation
  • BCD I/O simulation
  • Bottle line simulation
  • Reset simulation
  • Reset timer and counter
  • Summary


  • Problem on the basis of I/O simulation
  • Problem on the basis of Door simulation
  • Problem on the basis of Silo simulation
  • Problem on the basis of Traffic simulation
  • Problem on the basis of Bottle line simulation
  • Mixed problems