Ansys certification course in Chennai

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Ansys training generally covers the finite element method basics, 1D geometry creation , 1D meshing techniques, 1D analysis which includes bars and beam.

Ansys certification course also includes 2D geometry creation, 2D meshing techniques like face meshing, sizing, biasing, 2D cad model clean up and 2D analysis using shell elements..

Ansys online training and ansys training in Chennai , best ansys training in Chennai includes 3D geometry creation , 3D meshing techniques like patch conforming method, patch independent method, hex meshing sweep method, multi zone method and also 3D analysis using solid elements  Ansys certification course also includes various analysis like static structural, transient structural, steady state thermal, transient thermal, harmonic , modal, axi symmetric, buckling, fatigue, non linear, gap, explicit dynamic, CFD analysis.

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