Course Overview


Duration 30 days

EPLAN Electric P8 Basics

This course is designed to provide designers information, knowledge, and skills required to use EPLAN Electric PB in the design process. Participants receive an overall understanding of EPLAN Electric P8 concepts and functions and learn how to use the software’s features to build and edit comprehensive, intelligent wiring diagrams from start to finish. The course also teaches how to generate automatic forms (i.e., BOM, wire list, terminal diagram, cable termination sheets, etc.) to shorten the overall manufacturing process while improving its quality. The modules covered include create an EPLAN Electric P8 project, populate an EPLAN Electric P8 project, work with ECs in EPLAN Electric P8, work with WDs in EPLAN Electric P8, and finalize an EPLAN Electric P8 project. Hands-on exercises are incorporated into all of the modules.

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  2. Method
  3. Time

Course Contents

  • Brief Introduction
  • Installation of MATLAB
  • History
  • Use of MATLAB
  • Key features
  • Introduction to MATLAB Software
  • MATLAB window
  • Command window
  • Workspace
  • Command history
  • Setting directory
  • Working with the MATLAB user interface
  • Basic commands
  • Assigning variables
  • Operations with variables
  • Character and string
  • Arrays and vectors
  • Column vectors
  • Row vectors
  • BODMAS Rules
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Operators and special characters
  • Mathematical and logical operators
  • Solving arithmetic equations
  • Crating rows and columns Matrix
  • Matrix operations
  • Finding transpose, determinant and inverse
  • Solving matrix
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Complex numbers
  • fractions
  • Real numbers
  • Complex numbers
  • Working with script toolsWriting Script fileExecuting script files
  • The MATLAB Editor
  • Saving m files
  • Plotting vector and matrix data
  • Plot labelling, curve labelling and editing
  • Basic Plotting Functions
  • Creating a Plot
  • Plotting Multiple Data Sets in One Graph
  • Specifying Line Styles and Colors
  • Graphing Imaginary and Complex Data
  • Figure Windows
  • Displaying Multiple Plots in One Figure
  • Controlling the Axes
  • Creating Mesh and Surface
  • About Mesh and Surface Visualizing
  • Subplots
  • Introduction Of Graphical User Interface
  • GUI Function Property
  • GUI Component Design
  • GUI Container
  • Writing the code of GUI Callback
  • Dialog Box
  • Menu Designing
  • Applications
  • Introduction Of
  • Simulink
  • Simulink Environment & Interface
  • Study of Library
  • Circuit Oriented Design
  • Equation Oriented Design
  • Model
  • Subsystem Design
  • Connect Call back to subsystem
  • Application
  • Automating commands with scripts
  • Writing programs with logic and flow control
  • Writing functions
  • Control statement Programming
  • Conditional Statement Programming
  • Examples
  • Control Flow Conditional Control — if, else, switchLoop Control — for, while, continue, break
  • Program Termination — return
  • Calculus: Numerical Integration
  • Linear Algebra
  • Roots of Polynomials
  • Algebraic equationsDifferential Equations (1st & 2nd order)
  • Transforms (Fourier, Laplace, etc)
  • Ordinary Differential equations
  • Examples of few ODEs
  • Writing user-defined functions
  • Built-in Function
  • Function calling
  • Return Value
  • Types of Functions
  • Global Variables
  • Importing and Visualizing Images
  • Importing and displaying images
  • Converting between image types
  • Exporting images
  • Interactive Exploration of Images
  • Obtaining pixel intensity values
  • Extracting a region of interest
  • Computing pixel statistics
  • Measuring object sizes
  • Creating a custom interactive tool
  • Preprocessing Images
  • Adjusting image contrast
  • Reducing noise in an image
  • Using sliding neighborhood operations
  • Using block processing operations

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No. Of hours -45 hours+ Minimum 20 hours Projects -(4 Weeks Training)

  • Describe the differences between CAD and EPLAN Electric P8.
  • Start EPLAN Electric P8 software.
  • Work with pages in a project.
  • Backup and restore projects.
  • Navigate in the EPLAN Electric P8 environment.
  • Work with the graphical editor.
  • Work with devices.
  • Work with components.
  • Work with symbols.
  • Modify device/components/symbol properties.
  • Renumber devices.
  • Work with T-nodes.
  • Work with wire properties and potentials.
  • Work with interruption points.
  • Work with black boxes.
  • Work with macros.
  • Work with cables.
  • Insert a node allocation table.
  • Insert an air prep diagram.
  • Work with cylinders, switches, and piping diagrams.
  • Work with revision notes.
  • Generate a BOM.
  • Export a BOM to Excel
  • Work with Terminal Strip.
  • Work with Relay Contact Contactor
  • Work with PLC Components
  • Generate a Device List
  • Generate a Wire List
  • Create User Parts
  • Utilze find feature
  • Compress a project
  • Export a Project
  • print a Project
  • Customize setting in EPLAN Electric P8
  • Customize the workspace
  • Projects Industrial
  • Projects Industrial