How to Create Custom Line Types in AutoCAD?

What are custom line types in AutoCAD?

Custom line types in AutoCAD are used to create and define unique line types that are not available in the default line type library in AutoCAD. These custom line types can be used to represent different types of objects or features in a drawing, such as dashed lines for hidden edges, centerlines for circles, or dotted lines for construction lines. Note that these are just examples and many more are available.

To create a custom line type in AutoCAD, one has to use the “LINE TYPE” command and define the pattern of the line using a series of dots, dashes, and spaces. Once all the specifications are done and it is created, one can save the line type and reuse it as necessary in different projects.

Custom line types can help to improve the clarity and readability of a drawing, as well as make it easier to distinguish between different types of objects or features. They can also save time by allowing you to quickly apply a specific line type to multiple objects in a drawing.

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1. Improved readability

If specific information has to be conveyed, then custom line types can be designed to do so. Such information can be like the type of material or the purpose of a line. This can make drawings easier to read and understand for end users.

2. Uniformity

Custom line types can be used consistently and uniformly throughout a drawing or project. Thus, the purpose for which it is used is represented in the same way and there is no dilution of information.

3. Saves time and effort

Once a custom line type is created, it can be saved and reused in future projects. This saves a lot of time and effort in all areas.

4. Flexibility

Custom line types can be modified and adjusted to suit specific needs. This allows for greater flexibility in drawing and design and gives a very professional touch. Along with precision, a neat layout and output helps end users in understanding the concept better.

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