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ANSYS Workbench is a comprehensive software platform developed by ANSYS, Inc. It is designed for engineering simulation and analysis, allowing engineers and designers to perform various types of simulations to understand and optimize the behaviour of their designs. Workbench serves as an integrated environment that hosts different simulation tools and workflows, enabling users to set up, solve, and post-process simulations efficiently.

Ansys software training institute:

Best Ansys training will be provided in both offline and online mode under various topics such as static structural analysis, dynamic analysis, explicit analysis, steady state thermal analysis, transient thermal analysis, modal analysis, axisymmetric analysis, inertia relief analysis, contact analysis, harmonic analysis, fatigue analysis, harmonic response analysis

Key features and components of ANSYS Workbench include:

Simulation Tools:

ANSYS Workbench hosts a wide range of simulation tools for different engineering disciplines, such as structural analysis, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, and more. These tools include ANSYS Mechanical for structural analysis, ANSYS Fluent for fluid dynamics, ANSYS Maxwell for electromagnetic simulations, ANSYS HFSS for high-frequency electromagnetics, and many others.


Workbench provides tools to prepare and define the geometry of the model, apply boundary conditions, loads, and material properties. It often includes CAD import capabilities and tools for geometry clean up, meshing, and defining simulation parameters.


ANSYS Workbench supports various meshing techniques to discretize the geometry into elements suitable for simulation. It offers both automatic and manual meshing options to ensure accurate and efficient simulations.

Solver Integration:

Once the geometry is prepared and the mesh is generated, ANSYS Workbench seamlessly integrates with the solvers provided by the various ANSYS simulation tools. This allows users to set up and solve complex simulations using a unified interface.

Solution and Post-Processing:

After solving the simulation, Workbench provides tools for post-processing the results. Users can visualize the simulation results, generate graphs and plots, and extract data for further analysis and presentation.

Ansys training in Chennai: 

We provide Ansys training in the work bench and Ansys cfd with all solvers and we include many real time industrial components as practice projects where the students get a lot of knowledge about the industrial applications

We as dynamic cad provide best Ansys training in Chennai with certification. And the software notes for the Ansys training will also be provided Ansys online training with certification course is also available with wide vast syllabus and exclusive doubt clearing session will also be provided along with class video back up

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